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What is Polymer Engineering

The discipline of polymer engineering involves studying relationships that exist between the structure and properties of polymeric materials. An understanding of such structure-properties correlations facilitates correct fabrication, design and use of components made from polymers. The Polymer Engineering course offered is aimed at producing competent and skillful graduates who wish to seek careers as engineers, scientists and managers in the polymer industries.

Introduction to BS Polymer Engineering

BS Polymer Engineering (4 Years / 8 Semesters)

This is a four years full-time study degree program comprising lectures and practical demonstrations designed to fulfill advance plastics industry requirement. The degree program is for those wishing to work as Polymer Engineer in the plastics industry. This program is a self contained course and provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the engineering principles of various areas of importance to flourish and expand local plastics industry particularly with reference to productivity, design, economy and quality aspects.

At present our plastics industry is facing shortage of qualified and trained manpower at the level of engineers, technologists, technicians etc., to operate plastics processing machines which are functionally advanced day by day due to rapid technological developments in the field of mechanical, automation, electronics etc.

BS Polymer Engineering Graduation Requirements

The Polymer Engineering program at PTC is a bachelor degree. Graduation essentially requires a minimum 2.00 CGPA in overall eight Semesters (Four Academic years). Polymer Engineering students must pass all the courses as mentioned in the prospectus of the BS  program.


Pakistan Plastics Industry Statistics

Statistics For Production
Capacity of Plastics Materials

Year 2011

Gatron Industries
Engro Asahi Chemical
Pak Polymer Industries
Dyno Limited
Total Production

PET    200,000  M.Tons per Year
PVC    100,000  M.Tons per Year
PS      36.000   M.Tons per Year
UF      34,000   M.Tons per Year
          370,000 M.Tons per years

Status of Plastic Products Industry

Year 2011

  • Local Consumption of Plastics
  • Local Production of Plastics
  • Imports of Plastics
  • Exports of Plastics
  • Total Industrial Units
    • Organized Sector
    • SMEs
  • Manpower Engaged
  • Major Exportable Items
470,000 M.Tons per Year
370,000 M.Tons per Year
180,000 M.Tons per Year
58,000   M.Tons per Year
Water Coolers. Hot Pots etc.

Status of Plastic Products Industry

Year 2011

  • Local Consumption of Recycled Materials
  • No. of Recycled Units
  • Direct/ indirect Labor
    150,000 M. Tons per Year.
    More than 400.

    Career Opportunities

    Pakistan's plastics industry is in need of qualified engineers. Every major industry is a consumer of polymers and hence the career opportunities for these graduate engineers are surprisingly diverse. Job prospects in this field are much better than for industry as a whole because this sector is in initial stage of its development in the country. ...more

    Major Employers of our Graduates

    • Alsons Auto Parts (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi.
    • Adamjee Pipe, Faisalabad. .
    • Adamjee Polymers Ltd., Hub. .
    • Alsons Auto Parts (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi. .
    • AuVitronics Limited, Hub, Baluchistan. .
    • BASF Pakistan Limited, Karachi. .
    • Business & Engineering Trends. .
    • Candyland (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi. .
    • CBM Plastics.
    • Dadex Eternit Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Electropolymers (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi. .
    • ENGRO Polymers & Chemicals Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Euro Gulf Pipe Industries, Karachi. .
    • Gatron (Industries) Ltd., Hub, Baluchistan. .
    • International Industries Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Karim Containers (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Leo Tecno Plast, Karachi. .
    • Lucky Plastics Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Kasur. .
    • Mah Plastic Industries Lahore. .
    • Mediplast Innovations (Pvt.)Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Mian Tyres & Tube Ltd., Sheikhupura. .
    • Novatex Limited, Karachi. .
    • Omer Jibran ltd., Port Qasim. .
    • Otsuka Pakistan Ltd., Hub. .
    • Pak Petrochemical Industries, Karachi. .
    • Pakistan Cables, Karachi. .
    • PEL Industries, Karachi. .
    • Popular Industries, Nooriabad. .
    • Prince Pipe Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Repro KRC (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Royal PVC, Peshawar. .
    • Shield Corporation Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Silver Surgicals (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi. .
    • Thermosole (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore. .
    • Toyo Packaging Ltd., Karachi. .
    • Tri-Pack Films Ltd., Port Qasim. .

    Admission Criteria

    The candidates should possess one of the following. qualifications for admission in the Bachelor of Engineering in Polymers four years full time Degree programs ...more


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